Projects and cooperations


Every person leave footprints during his life. Here you can find the traces from a landscape ecologist and a bio-mathematician which both spend their lifes with photograph animals, landscapes and plants. On this blog they report about issues from their life in Sweden:

  • emigration and life in Sweden
  • working as freelancers
  • self-supply on an old farm
  • travel and outdoor
  • distinguish and use plants

We have spezialised on landscape, animal and plant photography which is the biggest part in our life. For our projects we use different programs from Adobe. We design brochures, guides and signs which we fill up with both photos and articles. We are really looking foreward for cooperations that match the issues of this blog.

What we are doing

  • brochure design
  • writing articles for websides and blogs
  • photograph animals, landscapes and plants
  • written documentations about travelling with photos
  • specific articles about flora of Sweden, eatible plants, emmigration and life in Sweden
  • vegetation mapping

Portfolio and contact

You can find some of our pictures on Instagram. If you are interested in a kooperation please don’t hesitate to write a mail to:


Current cooperations

„Fingerprints of change: Abisko plants and phenology“

Projectcoordinator: Climate Impacts Research Centre, Abisko

  • conception of a plant guide with common plants in the Abisko region
  • plant photography

We designed this brochures within our cooperation with CIRC:

(1) Brochures for Hiking on Njakajaure-trail (german article):

(2) Brochures for Hiking on Rihtonjira-trail (german article):

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